Travel Clinic


Our Travel advice service is for registered patients only.

Visit Fitfortravel to find out more information about countries and vaccinations required.


Travel Advice & Vaccines for UMC Registered Patients

To access appropriate Travel Advice and immunisations you will need to be a registered patient at the UMC and make an appointment with the Practice nurse – at least 8 weeks before your departure date if at all possible.

We appreciate that sometimes travel plans can be made on a spur of the moment basis. However, some destinations require a course of immunisation which need to be completed before departure, and even single dose immunisations commonly take two weeks to be fully effective. Similarly, some anti-malarials need to be started several weeks before travel.

travel clinic

First: Fill in the Online Travel Form 

Second: you need to make a travel appointment with the nurse.
You will need to allow the nurse at least two working days between subitting the  form and the date of your appointment to allow her to do all the necessary checks to be able to give you the accurate information you need.

Please NoteMost Travel Vaccines are not available on the NHS.
Payment for Travel Vaccines must be made by BACS or cash following your initial travel consultation. Please note, we do not accept credit or debit cards. 

Travel Vac prices 

Most importantly… make that appointment early! You can get a last minute holiday but not a last minute vaccine!


What happens in a travel consultation?

The nurse has access to up-to-date information for travel destinations throughout the world. She will assess your travel health needs and give appropriate advice on immunisation, anti-malarial regimes, and general travel advice on food safety, sun protection and specific local disease prevention. It is a good idea to bring along any information you have about your immunisation status. You will be offered any immunisations that are required.

The most commonly required immunisations are free, however, there are some we have to charge for. For further information please see our travel vaccine charges information