Pregnancy testing

Help – I think I might be pregnant

The Practice Nurse or Health Care Assistant (HCA) can do a pregnancy test if your period is over 2 weeks late. A good quality home pregnancy testing kit is equally as accurate as those at the Practice providing the correct procedure is followed.

Many women find their periods are occasionally late – sometimes the stress of starting University or exam pressure or emotional upset can delay a period. Often your period will come when you relax.

Pregnancy testing

If your period is over 2 weeks late and you have had any form of sexual contact it is a good idea to have a pregnancy test. The test is more accurate if the more concentrated first urine of the day (‘early morning urine’) is used for the test.

A negative test may need to be repeated a week later if you still do not have a period – see the Practice Nurse or HCA.

We understand you may feel anxious or unsure if your period is late and are happy to see you to talk through any anxieties.

Where contraception fails women should have the opportunity to choose the outcome of their pregnancy, please book an appointment with a GP or Nurse Practitioner to discuss your choices.

If the pregnancy test is positive you have 3 choices open to you:

  • Continue the pregnancy and keep the baby.
  • Continue the pregnancy and place the baby for adoption.
  • End the pregnancy by having an abortion.

Talking through your feelings about the pregnancy with your partner, a close friend or relative can help you decide what to do.

Click here for help in thinking through your decision.