Midwife/health visitor


Our midwife provides ante-natal care to all expectant mothers attending the University Medical Centre. The midwife works both in the community and at the Canterbury Birth Centre.

Initially you will normally be referred to the midwife by your GP.
You will be asked to complete a booking form and given your antenatal folder. The Midwives will contact you for a booking appointment at around 10 weeks gestation. At 21 & 31 weeks you will be given an appointment with your doctor at The University Medical Centre.

The midwifery team will support and monitor you through your pregnancy, offer advice and plan delivery. You can choose to have your baby at any of the local hospitals or at home.

The midwifery team can be contacted by visiting their website


Health Visitor

Health visitors are qualified nurses who have undertaken additional training in order to offer advice, information and support in issues relating to the promotion of health and the identification of health needs within the community.
The Health Visitor holds regular local clinics – for more information go to the Kent Community Care website

In particular as part of the patient care team the Health Visitor aims to:

  • promote health within the family
  • support students/ families with young children
  • help support individuals and families facing health problems

Child Health

The Health Visitor provides a source of information and support for those caring for young children.

All parents with children under school age are offered a service which includes discussing the child’s growth and development at regular intervals, offering advice and information on a variety of subjects such as breast feeding, aspects of behaviour such as potty training, tantrums and accident prevention.


Family Health

Your health visitor can also offer advice and support on a range of health issues such as contraception, nutrition and post-natal depression.