Admin Staff


Catherine Hanson
Practice Manager

Natalie Alston
Strategic and Operations Manager

Christine Lamb
Assistant Practice Manager

Julie Packman
Reception Manager

Allison Gage
Deputy Reception Manager

Elizabeth Simmons
Human Resources  



  • Debbie Moolchan
  • Sue Wheble
  • Tessa Crunden
  • Victoria Teague
  • Suzanne Doe
  • Christine Cook

Patient Services Administration  

  • Carol Sayle
  • Sharon Coombes

Finance Administration  

  • Joy Dickson
  • Jane Wise
  • Sarah Clarke


  • Tracey Westgarth
  • Elizabeth Williams
  • Jenna Sharpe

General Practice Administrators

  • Joanne Matheson
  • Rosanna Fruin
  • Sharon Bedingfield

Performance and Information Lead  

  • Becky Holmes