FAQs Psychiatric Liason

Do I have to see a GP before I can be seen?
Yes, you will need to make an appointment to see your GP to discuss a referral to this service.

Is the service confidential?
Yes, this is a fully confidential service. As with other NHS services, a computerised record will be kept of your contacts with the service but access to these records is strictly controlled. Information may be shared with other parties only with your explicit consent but your GP will be kept informed of your progress.

What happens after I have been referred?
Once we have received your referral it will be reviewed by a member of our team and you will then be contacted by the team to arrange an initial assessment which may be by telephone or face to face. All consultations will take place at the University Medical Centre on Giles Lane which is situated on the University of Kent Canterbury campus.

Who will I see?
You will be seen by an experienced psychiatric nurse who has experience of working in the community and who is familiar with the problems faced by students and with the local services that can support them.

How long will I have to wait to be seen?
Once we have received your referral you will be contacted within 7 days to arrange an initial assessment and this will be within 28 days of being referred unless your GP has asked for an urgent appointment in which case the assessment will be within 7 days.

What happens at the assessment?
You will be asked about your current problems and past history together with questions about your social circumstances and the pressures that you feel that you are under. Once this information is known, a management plan will be discussed with you which may include referring you onto other services that are able to support you or you may be offered further appointments. Your GP will be kept informed of your progress.

What happens if I am not appropriate for the service after I have been assessed?
We will discuss this with both yourself and your GP and we will make suggestons about alternative services that may benefit you and that you are able to access.

What happens if I miss an appointment?
You will receive a text reminder of your appointment 24 hours before it but If you know that you are unable to attend your appoitment at any stage, please contact the Medical Centre on 01227 469350 so that the appointment may be offered to someone else. If you miss an appointment you will be discharged from the service.