Clinics & Services

The Medical Centre is a General Practice offering a full range of medical services under the NHS.  Some treatment or investigations may require referral to a consultant outside of the Practice.

Maternity Care
Initially arrange an appointment to see your  Doctor

The local Midwives Team will look after you during your pregnancy

Child Services
The local Health Visitor Team will take over care of you and your baby from the birth of your child

Child Development
If  you have any concerns please make an appointment with your Doctor or Health Visitor.

Test Results
The results of blood and urine tests are usually available after 16:00, at least five working days after the specimen was taken.

Please note that many tests do take longer. The reception are able to advise you of the result of most of your tests once received from the hospital but it is the doctor’s responsibility to ensure all your tests are reported and it is our policy to advise you of any significant abnormal results.

Minor Surgery
Some minor surgical procedures can be done at the practice at the Doctors discretion, such as removal of moles, cysts or ingrown toenails.

If you are offered minor surgery at the Practice the Doctor will explain fully what the procedure involves and any necessary aftercare. You will be asked to fill out a consent form.