Registration FAQs

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a studying at the Medway campus and live in the Chatham area then you must register at your local GP Practice and not at the University Medical Centre.

If you are studying at the Medway campus but live in Canterbury you can register with us.

Why should I register with the University Medical Centre?
In order to receive treatment locally under the NHS you must register with a doctor in this area, as you will be resident here for the greater part of the year. Students who live on the Canterbury  campus or within six miles of  the Campus should register with the University Medical Centre in order to use the on campus facilities. We offer a range of services especially tailored to suit our student population
Will I receive confirmation of my registration?
You will receive an email confirmation once you have submitted your application online. Your registration will then take between 7 – 10 days to be added to our clinical system. This will not stop you from being seen in the meantime. Within the next few weeks you will receive an NHS Letter at the address you have given
What do I do if I register with the University Medical Centre and then need to see a doctor when I am at home for the holidays?
If you live in the UK you can see a doctor near your vacation address (probably your old GP) as a Temporary Resident. This means that you will have to fill in a form when you go for the appointment which is sent back to the University Medical Centre (where your complete NHS Records will be kept) so that your medical records are kept up to date.
What do I do if I need a repeat prescription for regular medication during the vacation and my local doctor won’t prescribe it?
You can post your request to the University Medical Centre together with a stamped & addressed envelope for us to return your prescription to you, ideally before you run out of your medication. You can then get the prescription made up for you at a local chemist. We do not take prescription requests over the phone. You can also ask for your prescription to be sent electronically to a Pharmacy of your choice (if they are able to receive them) Please contact the Practice to arrange this.
Is the information on the online form secure?
Yes, the information is held on a secure website and will only be viewed by the University Medical Centre staff who are covered by the Data Protection Act.
What shall I do if I submit my on-line registration and then realise that some the information I entered was incorrect?
If you realise that you have entered some incorrect information on the on-line form after you have submitted it – e.g. the dates of your vaccinations/ accommodation address. Please email us at [email protected]  or you can use our online Change of Details form on our website.
What if I do not know where I will be living on Campus? My allotted College? or My UKC Email?
Do not worry if there is some piece of information that you cannot answer on the form. You can set up an account to fill in the form using your home email address if you do not have your university email, you can then save the form at any time and go back to it when you do have the relevant information and continue registering on-line. However, you will not be able to submit the form until you have answered all the mandatory fields marked with a *
Will I have to pay for my treatment at the University Medical Centre?

If you are eligible to register with the NHS as a patient at the University Medical Centre then there is no charge for your consultations with any of the staff at the Medical Centre unless you are requesting certain travel vaccines. You may, however, need to pay a prescription charge when you take your prescription to the Pharmacy to be dispensed.

Is there a Dentist or Opticians on the Canterbury Campus?
No, there is not a Dentist or Opticians on the Canterbury Campus. To get seen by or to register with a dentist you need to visit the Local Services Page and search for Dentists in the area. The University Medical Centre cannot help you find a Dentist. There is not an Opticians on Campus but there are several in the town centre.
Is there a Pharmacy on the Canterbury Campus?
Yes, Cheadle’s Chemist is directly next door to the University Medical Centre. There is a fully qualified pharmacist on duty there and they can often help with advice & medication for minor ailments. There are also several pharmacies in Canterbury and many of the larger supermarkets have a pharmacy.
What Immunisations should I have before starting at University?
We give up to date information on the immunisations you need before starting at UoK. Please go to the  The Immunisation Letter which you can print out  & take to your current GP



Should I bring my vaccination record to the Medical Centre?
If you have a record of vaccinations you have had, please bring this along to the Medical Centre where we will photocopy this and attach it to your records.

Do I need to bring my chest xray (if requested) to the Medical Centre?
We do not require to see your x-ray. It is for immigration purposes only

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