Register with UMC

Please read this page carefully before starting.

Online Registration
To register as a patient of  the University Medical Centre you need to register online using our secure server please complete the information as fully and accurately as possible to prevent a delay of registration.

The online form will not allow you to complete it until you have filled in all the compulsory fields but you can save it at any time & go back to it when you have the necessary information to complete and submit it.

If you have any difficulties registering online please speak to the Reception Team.

We are a forward looking NHS General Practice open to all students living within a six mile radius, and non-students living within a three mile radius
from the Practice.   Click here to see map  In order to register with the university Medical Centre you must live within the appropriate boundary.

Students at the University of  Kent at Canterbury
are invited to register with the University Medical Centre General Practice. Student’s term-time address must be within our six mile radius, if you are a student and live outside this radius you need to register with a doctor nearer your term-time address.

If you have any questions about registration first check out our
Registration FAQs for Students  or email us at

Immunisation Information
Please read the Immunisation Letter for students starting at UoK (Canterbury), print out this letter and take it to your home GP so that you can be vaccinated before starting at UoK

Immunisation against Meningitis C has been part of the UK childhood programme for some years but a new vaccine is available against Meningitis AW&Y as well as Meningitis C and the Department of Health have strongly advised that first year students up to the age of 25 should receive this before coming to University -see more on NHS Choices

NHS registration is open to both UK and overseas students whose course is over 3 calendar months in length. When you register your notes from your previous doctor (if in the UK) will be forwarded to us and we will take over responsibility for your health care needs. If your course is for 3 months or less you will be to access the NHS services as a temporary resident. Please contact the University Medical Centre or any other GP practice near where you are living in the UK.

New Patients who are not students at the UoK
are invited to register with the University Medical Centre. A Non-Student’s address must be within our 3 mile radius boundary.

If you live outside this radius you will need to register with a doctor nearer your home.

New Patients from Overseas (Students or staff of UoK)
Visitors from a countries without a reciprocal agreement may register as a Private Patient at the discretion of the Practice, but will be charged for consultations, prescriptions and treatment. Go to NHS Choices to see if your country has a reciprical agreement with the UK.

If you are working at the University of Kent (Canterbury Campus) but are living outside our three mile catchment area you will need to register with a doctor near to your home address.

Are you just visiting for a short stay?
If you need to see a doctor while visiting the area please click here

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and although based on campus we do not pass on information to anyone outside of the practice unless at your request.When you have read and understood all of the information on this page, click one of the buttons below to register.

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If you are a studying at the Medway campus and live in the Chatham area then you must register at your local GP Practice and not at the University Medical Centre.

If you are studying at the Medway campus but live in Canterbury you can register with us.